April 15, 2022
April 24, 2022



Happy Easter Family as we celebrate the victory in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, an affirmation that you can live a life of Victory in God. The cross is a picture of Jesus obedience to God. My message to you today is "JESUS AT THE TOMB OF LAZARUS". I AM THE RESURRECTION AND LIFE was what Jesus declared to Martha when all She saw was disappointment, grieve, doubt and unbelieve. John 11:17-44. Martha had a "One day believe system" so as many Christians today, don't be that believer. God want you to believe that he can turn your live around now, he can heal you now and he can save you now. Jesus want to do something wonderful and powerful in your life now.

Jesus thank God first in that situation, can we be believers that thank God first in every circumstances that we face. In the midst of the crowd, Mary and Martha Jesus called out Lazarus from the grave and the dead man came alive "Hallelujah". God want to loose you today and let you go, 1 Corinthians 15:17 This is the focal point of Christianity that Jesus died and rose again. Bible Ref: Mat 27:62-66, Acts 1:3, Acts 2:22, 2 Peter 1:6 and John 20:19-20


  • DO I MATTER?: Does anyone care about me? I've got good news for you, the resurrection weekend answers that on Friday Jesus died/paid for your sins and on Sunday he demonstrated how much he loves you by standing up. Jesus loves you so much that he died and rose again so he can have a relationship with you. So say to yourself " I am valuable and I am worthy.
  • GUIT?: How can i get rid of my guilt? guilt defies you, guilt wont allow you come into his presence but I've got good news for you, i believe that the Resurrection Sunday is the final proof that God accepted Jesus Christ, He accepted his offering so you can say to yourself "Jesus is my sin bearing, Savior of my life" therefore i wont be guilty no more. Colossians 2:15
  • DEATH?: What happens when i die? You go to heaven, Jesus is waiting to receive you, he is the life behind the grave "Hallelujah" this is the truth of Easter Sunday, its not a theory it is the reality for believers.
  • ETERNAL LIFE: In john 10:28 I give my sheep eternal life. when he told Martha I am the Resurrection and life he really meant it and he then proved it by raising Lazarus from the dead He has a track record of keeping his words, what he says he will do that he will do "Hallelujah". he lived his words be rising from the dead on the 3rd day.

Now that Easter "RESURRECTION SUNDAY "has answered your question about Guilt, Death, Rejection and your shortcomings i hope you will believe what heaven says about you and make a decision today to accept Jesus Christ as your lord and personal Savior



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